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Volvo Service KIT (2)-21707133 / 21707132 / 3817517

Your Price: $225.85
Part Number: 21707133 21707132 3817517
Availability: In Stock

Genuine OEM Volvo Service KIT  (2)-21707133 / 21707132 / 3817517

Original MANUFACTURE Volvo Penta

Lot of 4:
Oil Filter (2)- 478736 Superseded 21707133
Oil Filter By-Pass (1)- 477556 Superseded 21707132
Fuel Filter (1)- 3817517

Fits the Following :
D12D-A MH, D12D-B MH, D12D-C MH, D12D-E MH, D12D-G MH, D12C-A MP, D12D-A MP, D12D-B MP, D12D-C MP, D12D-D MP, D12D-E MP, D12D-F, D12D-A MG, D12D-E MG, D9A2A, D9A2A D9-425, D9A2A D9-500, D9A2A D9-500 (R4), D9A2A D9-575, D9A2B D9-425, D9A2B D9-500 (R5), D9A2B D9-575, D9A2C D9-425, D9A2A, D9A2A MG, D9A2A D9A-MG, D11A-A, D11A-B, D11A-C, D11A-D MP, D11A-D (IPS), D11A-E, D11A-E MP, D11A-C MP, D11A-C (IPS), TAD1340VE, TAD1341VE, TAD1342VE, TAD1343VE, TAD1344VE, TAD1345VE, TAD1360VE, TAD1361VE, TAD1362VE, TAD1363VE, TAD1364VE, TAD1365, D13B-E MH, D13B-E MH (FE), D13B-N MH, D13B-N MH (FE), D13B-F MG, D13B-E MG, D13B-E MG (FE), D13B-F MG (FE), TAD1350VE, TAD1630V, TWD1630V, TAD1240GE, TAD1241GE, TAD1242GE, TWD1240VE, TAD1241VE, TAD1242VE, TAD1250VE, TAD1251VE, TAD1252VE, TAMD165A, TAMD165C, TAMD165P, TAMD165A-A, TAMD165C-A, TAMD165P-A, TID162AG, TID162AGP, TID162AP, TID162APB, TAD1641VE, TAD1642VE, TAD1643VE, TAD1650VE, TAD1660VE, TAD1661VE, TAD1662VE, TAD1640VE-B, TAD1641VE-B, TAD1642VE-B, TAD1660-62VE, TWD1620G, TWD1630G, TAD1630G, TAD1630GE, TAD1631G, TAD1631GE, TAMD103A, D16C-A MH, D16C-B MH, D16C-C MH, D16C-A MG, TAMD162C-C, TAMD163A-A, TAMD163P-A, TAD940GE, TAD941GE, TAD940VE, TAD941VE, TAD942VE, TAD943VE, TAD950VE, TAD951VE, TAD952VE, TAD1341GE, TAD1342GE, TAD1343GE, TAD1344GE, TAD1345GE, TAD1350GE, TAD1351GE, TAD1352GE, TAD1353GE, TAD1354GE, TAD1355GE, D13B-A MP, D13B-B MP, D13B-C MP, D13B-D MP, D13B-G MP, D13B-H MP, D13B-J MP, D13B-K MP, D13B-L MP, D13B-M MP, D13B-C MH, TD61A, TD61AW, TD61ACE, TD61AG, TD61AGP, TD61AP, TD61APB, TID61AG, TD71A, TD71AW, TD71ACE, TD71AG, TD71AGP, TD71AP, TD71APB, TID, TWD610P, TWD610PB, TWD710P, TWD710PB, TAD730P, TAD1630P, TWD1630P, TWD1630PP, TAD1630PB, TD610V, TWD610V, TD630VE, TWD630VE, TD640VE, TWD610PB

 Maintenance Parts for Diesel Engines, Range D1 - D12  ( 0.5L - 12L ),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, D1-13 A

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