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Volvo Penta QL Manual Bilge Pump, Vertical Installation

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If there is no electrical power on board you can always rely on the little QL manual bilge pump. It pumps 0.9 litre per stroke which equals 90 litres per minute at 100 strokes per minute. It can be installed behind a bulkhead or below deck to take up the least possible room. The pump handle is removable, only being fitted to work the pump, which saves more space.The QL manual bilge pump comes in two versions to suit different installations: For installation through the deck, i.e. vertical installation, or for installation behind a bulkhead - i.e. horizontal.

Technical data

Pump housing: PP Polymer
Pump handle: Anodised aluminium
Shaft: Acid-resistant stainless steel
Width: 253 mm
Height: 133 mm
Length of handle: 285 mm
Hose sizes: 1 1/2" or 1"
Max capacity: 90 L at 100 strokes per minute

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