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Volvo Penta Genuine Silencer, Wet Exhaust System Muffler

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The silencer effectively silences engine exhaust noise with a minimum of back pressure. The silencer also functions as an effective water-lock. The large capacity for cooling water eliminates the risk of water siphoning back into the engine when stopped. Adjustable mounting brackets make the silencer easy to install.

Material: Reinforced rubber with acid resistant stainless steel end pieces.

Part no.Hose dia.L1L2L3ADHB1B2
82806445 mm208334440451653060112
82883745 mm2083344404516530601121)
83832757 mm408535645571653060112
84276889 mm370500665892204090140
854760100 mm37545050010021840901141)
1) Horizontal exhaust exit suitable for installations with limited height.

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