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Volvo Penta Alternator Kit 12/24 V

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Alternator kit for extra battery charging capacity, with built-in, fully transistorized charging regulator.

Note! The installation of 12/24 V extra alternator will increase the total length of engine by approx. 40 mm and the total height by approx. 10 mm.

Alternator Kit # 3889549
Fits: D4-180I-F, D4-225A-F, D4-225I-F, D4-260A-F, D4-260D-F, D4-300A-F, D4-300D-F, D4-300I-F, D6-280A-E, D6-280I-E, D6-310A-E, D6-310D-E, D6-310I-E, D6-330A-E, D6-330D-E, D6-330I-E, D6-370A-E, D6-370D-E, D6-370I-E, D6-400A-E, D6-400A-E PS, D6-435D-E, D6-435I-E

Cannot be combined with servo steering in some installations. Alternator not included, must be ordered separately. Alternator 12 V/115 A, part no. 874502, alternator 24 V/80 A, part no. 3803912.

Alternator Kit # 3583573
Only for D2-55/D2-75 generation A. Also order pulley kit 3583468 and cable kit 3583574 Alternators: 873770


Alternator Kit # 21281679
Fits: D2-55F, D2-75F

Used with Mastervolt alternator, not included or stocked by Volvo Penta. Will also need to order #3886482 ( Cable Kit )

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