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New OEM Volvo Penta Thermostat 3856961

Your Price: $30.08
Retail Price:$33.42
Your Savings:$3.34(10%)
Part Number: 3856961
Availability: In Stock

BRAND NEW Genuine OEM Volvo Penta Thermostat 3856961

Original MANUFACTURE : Volvo Penta

Part Number : 3856961

Fits the Following:
8.1GiE-P, 8.1GXiE-P, 8.1GiCE-P, 8.1GiCE-Q, 4.3GXi-B, 4.3GXi-BF, 4.3OSi-B, 4.3OSi-BF, 5.0GXi-B, 5.0GXi-BF, 5.0OSi-B, 5.0OSi-BF, 5.7Gi-B, 5.7Gi-BF, 5.7GXi-C, 5.7GXi-CF, 5.7GiI-B, 5.7GXiI-C, 5.7OSi-A, 5.7OSi-AF, 5.7O, 8.1Gi-A, 8.1Gi-B, 8.1Gi-BF, 8.1Gi-C, 8.1Gi-CF, 8.1Gi-D, 8.1Gi-DF, 8.1GSi-A, 8.1GXi-A, 8.1GXi-AF, 8.1GXi-B, 8.1GXi-BF, 8.1GXi-C, 4.3GL-A, 4.3GL-B, 4.3GL-C, 4.3GL-D, 4.3GXi-A, 5.7GL-A, 5.7GL-B, 5.7GL-C, 5.7GL-D, 5.7GL-E, 5.0GL-A, 5.0GL-B, 5.0GL-C, 5.0GL-D, 5.0GL-E, 5.0GXi-A, 5.7Gi-A, 5.7GXi-A, 5.7GXi-B, 5.7GiI-A, 5.7GSiI-A, 5.7GXiI-A, 5.7GXiI-B, 8.1Gi-E, 8.1Gi-EF, 8.1GXi-D, 8.1GXi-DF, 8.1OSi-A, 8.1OSi-AF, 8.1GiI-E, 8.1GXiI-D, 8.1Gi-F, 8.1Gi-FF, 8.1GXi-E, 8.1GXi-EF, 8.1GiI-F, 8.1GXiI-E, 8.1OSi-B, 8.1OSi-BF, 8.1Gi-G, 8.1Gi-GF, 8.1GXi-F, 8.1GXi-FF, 8.1OSi-C, 8.1OSi-CF, 8.1GiI-G, 8.1GXiI-F, 8.1Gi-H, 8.1Gi-HF, 8.1GXi-G, 8.1GXi-GF, 8.1OSi-D, 8.1OSi-DF, 8.1GiI-H, 8.1GXiI-G, 8.1Gi-J, 8.1Gi-JF, 8.1OSi-J, 8.1OSi-JF, 8.1GXi-J, 8.1GXi-JF, 8.1GiE-JF, 8.1GiE-J, 8.1OSiE-JF, 8.1OSiE-J, 8.1GXiE-JF, 8.1GXiE-J, 8.1GiE-K, 8.1GiE-KF, 8.1GXiE-K, 8.1GXiE-KF, 8.1GiE-M, 8.1GiE-, 4.3GLMMDA, 4.3GLPMDA, 4.3GSPMDA, 5.0FLPMDA, 5.8FLPMDA, 5.7GLPMDA, 5.7GIPMDA, 5.7GIPMDACE, 5.7GLIMDA, 5.7GIIMDA, 5.0FiPMDA, 5.0FiPMDM, 5.8FiPMDA, 5.8FiPMDM, 7.4GLPMDA, 7.4GLPMDM, 8.2GLPMDA, 8.2GLPMDM, 7.4GLIMDA, 7.4GLIMDM, 8.2GLIMDA, 8.2GLIMDM, 8.1GiC-400-J, 8.1GiC-400-JF, 8.1GiC-400-Q, 8.1GiCE-J, 8.1GiCE-JF, 8.1GiCE-M, 8.1GiCE-MF, 4.3GLPHUB, 4.3GSPHUB, 4.3GSPHUS, 4.3GIPHUSCE, 5.0FIPHUBCE, 5.0FIPHUCCE, 5.0FIPHUECE, 5.0FIPHURCE, 5.0FIPHUSCE, 5.0FLPHUB, 5.0FLPHUC, 5.0FLPHUE, 5.0FLPHUR, 5.0FLPHUS, 5.8FIIHU, 5.7GiPHUS, 4.3GLPNCA, 4.3GLPNCB, 4.3GLPNCS, 4.3GSJNCC, 4.3GSJNCS, 4.3GSPNCA, 4.3GSPNCB, 4.3GSPNCM, 4.3GSPNCS, 4.3GIPNCACE, 4.3GIPNCBCE, 4.3, 5.0FIPNCACE, 5.0FIPNCBCE, 5.0FIPNCMCE, 5.0FIPNCSCE, 5.0FLPNCA, 5.0FLPNCB, 5.0FLPNCM, 5.0FLPNCS, 5.7GLPNCS, 5.7GIPNCACE, 5.7GIPNCSCE, 5.7GIPNCMCE, 5.7GIPNCBCE, 5.7GIINCCCE, 5.8FSIINCS, 5.8FIPNCACE, 5.8FIPNCBCE, 5.8FIPNCMCE, 5.8FIPNCSCE, 5.8FLINCC, 5.8FLINCS, 5.8FLPNCA, 5.8FLPNCB, 5.8FLPNCM, 5.8FLPNCS, 5.8FSIINCC, 4.3GLPLKD, 4.3GLPLKE, 4.3GSPLKD, 4.3GSPLKE, 4.3GIPLKDCE, 4.3GIPLKECE, 4.3GSJLKD, 5.7GLPLKA, 5.7GLPLKD, 5.7GLPLKE, 5.7GLPLKR, 5.7GSPLKD, 5.7GSPLKE, 5.7GLIPLKDCE, 5.7GIPLKDCE, 5.7GIPLKECE, 5.7GSICPLKD, 5.7GSiPLK, 4.3GLPWTC, 4.3GLPWTR, 4.3GSPWTC, 4.3GSPWTR, 4.3GIPWTC, 4.3GIPWTR, 4.3GIJWTR, 4.3GSJWTR, 5.0GLPWTR, 5.0GiPWTR, 5.7GSIPWTR, 5.7GSPWTR, 5.7GSiPWTRCE, 4.3GLPEFS, 4.3GiPEFS, 5.0GLPEFS, 5.0GiPEFS, 5.7GSPEFS, 5.7GSIPEFS, 4.3GLPBYC, 4.3GSPBYC, 4.3GIPBYCCE, 4.3GSJBYA, 4.3GIJBYA, 5.0GLPBYC, 5.0GiPBYCCE, 5.7GSPBYC, 5.7GSIPBYCCE

  • Returns accepted within 14 days of purchase date. Item must be in original packaging and in same condition as received. 
  • 20% restocking fee is applied. 
  • If item has been installed, used or any part missing we can not accept return
  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges. 

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