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NEW OEM Volvo Penta 22480372 Fuel Filter Genuine 20976003

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Part Number: 22480372 20976003
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Brand New Genuine Volvo Penta Fuel Filter 22480372 

Original Volvo Penta part. 

Manufacturer part: 22480372

Superceded # 20976003

Fits The Following :
TAD1340VE, TAD1341VE, TAD1342VE, TAD1343VE, TAD1344VE, TAD1345VE, TAD1360VE, TAD1361VE, TAD1362VE, TAD1363VE, TAD1364VE, TAD1365, TAD1350VE, TAD1670VE, TAD1671VE, TAD1672VE, TAD1670-72VE, TAD1371VE, TAD1372VE, TAD1373VE, TAD1374VE, TAD1375VE, TAD1371-75VE, TWD1672GE, TWD1673GE, TWD1672-1673GE, TAD1351VE, TAD1352VE, TAD1353VE, TAD1351-53VE, TAD1650VE-B, TAD1650VE-B/51VE, TAD1651VE, TAD1643VE-B, TWD1644GE, TWD1645GE, TAD1641VE, TAD1642VE, TAD1643VE, TAD1650VE, TAD1660VE, TAD1661VE, TAD1662VE, TAD1640VE-B, TAD1641VE-B, TAD1642VE-B, TAD1660-62VE, TAD1640GE, TAD1641GE, TAD1642GE, TAD1650GE, TAD1651GE, TWD1643GE, TWD1652GE, TWD1653GE, TWD1663GE, TAD1341GE, TAD1342GE, TAD1343GE, TAD1344GE, TAD1345GE, TAD1350GE, TAD1351GE, TAD1352GE, TAD1353GE, TAD1354GE, TAD1355GE.

Returns accepted within 14 days of purchase date. Item must be in original packaging and in same condition as received. If item has been installed, used or any part missing we can not accept return. If Buyer is responsible for return shipping charges. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

For any questions or concerns on this unit or shipping please call Austral International Co. (305) 633-0732 or 1-800-257-0114.

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